Fuel Card Management

Fuel Card Management is an intelligence & comprehensive solution for refilling service stations. The core function is a secure & easy-to-use fuel payment service that empowers private & corporate fleets to track purchases & prevent unauthorized transactions.

With EMS fuel card management system private & corporate fleet will be managed to perform at the most economical rate. EMS fuel card management system is a seamless and efficient solution that reduces direct & indirect costs. It keeps track of running cost while saving administrative time.

Fuel Card Management Process

Fuel Card Management

Main Retail service station Benefits:

  • Increases fuel sales
  • Increases additional product and services sales
  • Boosts loyalty of private & corporate fleet clients
  • Long-term fuel contract with fleets
  • Secure fueling to customers
  • Increases Dealers loyalty
  • Increases market share
  • Increases station throughput
  • Eliminates the need for credit cards, vouchers or checks
  • Faster improved service requires less service attendants.

Main Home service station Benefits:

  • Improve accountability for consumable assets
  • Lower overall fuel expenditures
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage
  • 24/7 real-time transaction monitoring
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and redundant data
  • Data is transparent to management
  • Convenient for drivers simply fuel & GO
  • Decrease administrative time

Main fleet owners Benefits:

  • Provides fuel consumption control
  • Easy to setup & Manage
  • Prevents fuel fraud (anti-theft)
  • Enhanced security (PIN code protection)
  • Eliminate Cost, time & complexity of issuing transaction papers
  • Eliminates the need for credit cards, vouchers or checks
  • Ensure drivers purchase fuel only
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