Station Management

EMS provides a full controllable management solution for Refilling service stations. X-Manage is the most stable and flexible PC based comprehensive forecourt management system that integrates software, hardware & components to provide true solution for efficient management, control and real-time reporting of the forecourt activities.

Station Management.


  • Greater customer retention
  • Better fuel stock monitoring & control
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Data availability & transparency
  • Non-payment risk limitation
  • Fuel leakage prevention
  • Theft/ Fraud prevention
  • Supply chain management & control
  • Data integrity assurance
  • Marketing promotions & incentives


  • Site management & control
  • Multi-tasking, Multi-user & Real-time operating system
  • External Connections:
    • Point of Sale (POS) Equipment's
    • Automated Tank Gauging (ATG)
    • Pricing Signs
    • Clearinghouse Centers
    • Washing Machines
  • Simultaneously controls up to 16 dispensers and 4 substations
  • Support all dispenser types
  • Detailed site operation reporting
  • Easily integrated
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